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Unlock a scalable revenue stream with ads in your app. Together, we'll protect your users' privacy and increase trust in your product. With our SDKs for iOS & Android, you can get started quickly.

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What Makes Us Different from Other Providers.

You Decide What Your Users See.

With Privadsy, you have complete control over the content of the in-app ads your users see in your app. You determine where and when the ads are visible and which advertising formats best suit your platform. You decide which partners you want to work with and what content your users get to see.

Work Transparently and Efficiently with Your Partners.

Direct cooperation with advertising partners is an exception for most app operators and is technically challenging to implement. With our dashboards for publishers and advertisers, we have created a platform to unite both groups. After you have invited your advertising partners to your network, they can start promoting their content through your app.

You Decide How Much You Want to Earn.

We allow you to take the scepter into your own hands when pricing the in-app ads. It's your app, and it's your users. Therefore, you should also be able to decide how much your users' attention is worth to you. Decide for yourself which prices you want to charge for clicks and impressions.

Keep Your Focus on the Essential Subjects.

Developing and operating your own advertising network involves much effort, and it is a discipline of its own within the digital world and wants to be lived. With us, you have a reliable partner in this area. Focus on your core business and leave the rest to us!

Benefit from an Easy Onboarding Process.

From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to developing a system where you can easily participate. Forget terms such as DSP, SSP, Ad Server, or Programmatic Advertising. With Privadsy, all this is a thing of the past. Thanks to our SDKs for iOS & Android, you can use in-app ads as a monetization option in your app within a short time and with little effort.

Keep Your Spend on GDPR Matters Low.

The topic of data protection is up-to-date and will continue to become increasingly important for users in the future. Compliance with the regulations means more effort for many companies and requires adjustments to work processes in development. As a result, product quality can suffer. To prevent this and so that you can concentrate on your product when using in-app ads, we have designed our processes to be GDPR-compliant. Save time and money with us.

A Better User Experience for All Stakeholders.

Nobody likes slow and poor-quality advertisements. That's why we deliver the content for in-app ads in the best possible quality and in real-time! We want to improve your app's user experience and not help to worsen it. With us, you also save yourself the display of user consent and thus increase the performance of campaigns. Ensure satisfied users with us. - This will also make you and your advertising partners happier.

Technically Reliable and up to Date.

The satisfaction of our customers is essential to us. We use modern technologies and proven principles to offer you the best quality and security. No matter where your users are, the data for the in-app ads are available quickly and in the best quality. For reliable accessibility, we operate our systems redundantly. In addition, these are always under observation, so we can react quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work with Privadsy?
Affiliate marketing describes the partnership between advertisers and platform operators (publishers). Advertisers want to use advertising creatives (e.g., banners) to promote their products and acquire new customers. Publishers can set up marketing channels on their platforms and thus be a link between companies and customers. For this connection to the end customer (user), publishers who have integrated external advertising creatives receive a corresponding commission from the advertiser for the referral. Unlike other solutions, with us, publishers can incorporate an unlimited number of advertising creatives from different advertisers without having to adjust their code every time.
What differentiates Privadsy from other solutions, e.g., AdMob / AdSense / Ad Manager from Google?
The great advantage of Privadsy is that you, as a publisher, always have complete control over the ads displayed in your app. You can decide exactly which advertising partners you work with and how much you want to charge for the ads. We can offer this to publishers because we have no dependencies on other technical systems and work entirely self-sufficiently.
Is Privadsy a Supply-side Platform (SSP) for Publishers, a Demand-side Platform (DSP) for Advertisers, or an Ad Exchange?
Neither. We have developed our ecosystem to protect user privacy and provide a simplified solution for publishers and advertisers. With us, publishers don't need to spend effort and run their own SSP. After integrating our SDKs for Android & iOS into your app, you can get started right away. Our solution for advertisers is just as easy and convenient. Campaigns can be managed and viewed via our dashboard. There is no need for your own DSP anymore.

Who We Are & What Our Mission Is.

We are Simon & Burak , and a few years ago, we decided to change the digital advertising landscape for the better. Two essential topics for us are the focus on data privacy and a better user experience for all stakeholders. We want to present the result of our journey and the aspects we focus on to achieve our goals.

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We believe in the power of privacy, and together we can revolutionize the digital advertising industry.

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